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Does This Sound Like a Drug Addict to You?

Question by : Does this sound like a drug addict to you?
lets say someone has done this following drugs without a prescription, in order over a 4 month period of time

– weed
– benydryl
– adderall
– seroquel… Continue reading

Photographer Lee Jeffries Uncovers Haunting Human Face of Drug Addiction

Photographer Lee Jeffries uncovers haunting human face of drug addiction
Their expressions captured by UK-based artist and photographer Lee Jeffries, who strives to reveal the human face of addiction, the reality of homelessness and the real face of poverty… Continue reading

Books About Teenage Drug Addiction?

Question by ctrl2angie: books about teenage drug addiction?
why is the usage of drugs growing

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Answer by xiao ai.
idunno.. but Go Ask Alice is a diary-based book, which is yes, based on a teen drug… Continue reading

Alcohol Rehab Experience…?

Question by sweetabex: Alcohol Rehab experience…?
Good or bad, I’d like to know any experience.

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Answer by Question The System
It is just a bunch of people whining and making excuses about why they drink too… Continue reading

Is It True That Drug Addicts Are Most Likely to Cheat on Their Spouse?

Question by Southern California Belle™: Is it true that drug addicts are most likely to cheat on their spouse?

& why?…………….
& why or why not?…………….

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Answer by witchhazel99

Answer by Mr.what
If you’re willing to destroy… Continue reading

Judge Recommends Iraq Veteran With PTSD and Drug Addiction Get Help in

Judge recommends Iraq veteran with PTSD and drug addiction get help in
Threatt said that two Bureau of Prisons officials who testified Monday at Morgan's sentence hearing could not answer specific questions about the effectiveness of two programs set… Continue reading

PPGH Board Receives Results of Community Needs Assessment

PPGH board receives results of community needs assessment
The Palo Pinto General Hospital Board of Directors is looking for better ways of providing service to the people of Palo Pinto County, according to J.C. Colton, president of the PPGH board.… Continue reading

Drug Treatment Works, Illinois Advocates Say

Drug Treatment Works, Illinois Advocates Say — (Springfield, IL) –The estimated number of Illinois residents waiting for alcohol and drug abuse assessment and treatment at state-financed facilities in 20…

10 things to know for today
Overbooked rehab facilities and the… Continue reading

HOPE Laws to Help Fight Drug Addiction, Crime, Deaths

HOPE laws to help fight drug addiction, crime, deaths
Gov. Scott Walker talking to Lillie Moe, who is Senator Julie Lassa's youngest daughter before signing part of the H.O.P.E. legislation. Also pictured: members of the Stevens Point Police Department… Continue reading

Is There Anywhere in South Australia Where You Can Forcibly Take a Drug Addict for Treatment/help?

Question by misssy: Is there anywhere in South Australia where you can forcibly take a drug addict for treatment/help?
I am wondering if anyone knows a place where a drug addict (ICE) can be forcibly taken away for treatment, psychiatric… Continue reading