Does This Sound Like a Drug Addict to You?

Question by : Does this sound like a drug addict to you?
lets say someone has done this following drugs without a prescription, in order over a 4 month period of time

– weed
– benydryl
– adderall
– seroquel
– alcohol (not a drug but u know what i mean)
– spice

lets say this person didnt like any of those drugs except for adderall and this person does not take it often, this person only takes it on days when there is a lot of work to do at school or for a test, this person is 15 years old, california, this person is always offered a lot of other drugs but says no to them, this person quickly develops tolerance to adderall and sometimes does not affect this person at all so this person takes a higher dose, currently at 25mg, this person gets them cheap too
this person is aware that it is a felony to be in posession of drugs without prescription but takes it right when this person gets it (its illegal to be in possesion of drugs but not illegal to be high)

this person is considered a drug addict to some people however he/she never craves the drug he/she just takes it to help with school and it helps a lot

Drug addict? yes or no

Best answer:

Answer by Adam F
If the person is taking all of that they are either really new to drugs and are trying to experience different things and see what they like or don’t like, or they have emotional issues that they are trying to mask and using any means that they have to do so.

I would have to say that taking benydryl (you know in insane amounts to get high) sounds more like an experimentation to me. It’s not really practicle to get high off of it and all it is a mild disassociative if you do get high off of it. That being said that benydryl is a known poteniator of opiates if that person has been taking those (don’t see any opiates listed).

For me there’s a flirtation going on right now with the adderall though. It’s quickly becoming a crutch to this person to get them though testing situations. Even though there may be no W/D physical withdrawl symptoms there appear to be definate budding if not already established psychological dependance as this person feels like they need adderall to get through the tests. That part can easily spiral out of control quickly if this person isn’t careful.

As an added danger I see the person age is listed as 15. There’s a bigger danger of developing addictions with teenagers vs adults as teenagers brains are still high in neuroplasticiity so it’s very easy to create the neuropathways which lead to psychological dependance, and psychological depenance is way harder to break than physical dependance.

Answer by Zach
no you’re not a drug addict. smoke crystal meth (basically stronger and more intense adderall) if you wanna be a drug addict.
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