Why Do People Cut Themselves? and What Stop Them From Going All the Way?

Question by TRAPPED IN THE USA: Why do people cut themselves? and what stop them from going all the way?
can you answer to both questions ?

Best answer:

Answer by lakas 29
i use to cut myself. Unfortunately I had a really bad childhood, and looking back i use to think, ‘ i’d never thought i’d be the kid who failed high school, and got so depressed that i needed to cut myself. ‘ you know most people would say ‘ they don’t really know why ‘ but when i think back, whenever i got into an argument or fight that triggered just everything that’s happen to me in my life, i knowticed that by cutting myself i felt a sence of relief.

There are many reasons why people do it, but that was mine.


Answer by SecondStarToTheRight?
I cut for a lot of reasons, my past, and childhood, everything that has happened. It gives me a sense or release, like when I’m sad or mad I’ll just cut and the physical pain makes everything else go away. I only continue because I feel worthless, and effed up enough so it doesn’t matter.
and I am suicidal if thats what your asking, my best friend stops me.

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