Refilling Darvocet Early?

Question by Kiki R: Refilling Darvocet Early?
My doctor wrote me a 30 day prescription for darvocet for my severe fibromyalgia pain. 3 a day basically. I had a particularly bad flare up and had to take 1 and a 1/2 about 4-5 times a day to just get through it (I know, I should have called and asked, but I’d been told by this doctor before that I could do that). I’m about out, and I called to ask the pharmacy when I could get it filled, and she said no earlier than Nov. 21, which is exactly 30 days after I had it filled. But I’ve gotten my refill a week or so early before on other occasions. I talked to my doctor, and he doesn’t want to refill it early, and wants to try physical therapy instead. But, I’m in a lot of pain, and while I can handle it now, I don’t know if I can take it for two more weeks. And I can’t really afford physical therapy.

I’m in Indiana, by the way. Will the pharmacy refill my prescription at all early, or do I have to wait until exactly 30 days are up?
I’m not concerned about the insurance. In all honesty, I’m not even sure I’m still on my parents’ policy. So I’m not asking how soon insurance will refill it, just the pharmacy. When I spoke to the pharmacist on the phone, she said even without insurance it was Nov 21 at the earliest.
I’m also a little annoyed with the pharmacy. I got the last one refilled at about 19 days (same prescription, same dosage), and when I told the pharmacist that, she got kind of snotty with me and said, “Well, that shouldn’t have happened” as though it was my fault I was given a refill earlier than I should have been, and was now under the impression I could refill it a little earlier than 30 days.
I’m doubtful PT would help. I was in PT for this before it was diagnosed as fibromyalgia and it only made the pain worse. Plus, I can’t afford it, especially since I’m probably not covered on my parent’s insurance.

Same for pain management. This was actually something I brought up with my parents because I did think it might be a good idea, but it’s clear that there simply isn’t the money between us right now.

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Answer by Laundry expert
Call the pharmacy and tell them you want to take four Advil at a time and ask them how many hours apart you can take them and how many days you can take it like this. The Advil will help just call the pharmacy and ask them these questions and follow through wil there advice.

Answer by browneyez08
I think with insurance you have to wait the 30 days…but I would make sure with the pharmacy. Why not ask your doc for a different prescription. If you are double dosing you are at risk of addiction. You should try to space out the meds so you don’t run out. Either that or see if you can take some over the counter med to help a little with the pain.
My other suggestion would be acupuncture…and other forms of herbal or alternative procedures.

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