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Where Can I Find Drug Rehabs in Los Angeles, California?

Question by ADAMARIS B: Where can I find drug rehabs in Los Angeles, California?
My dad have been a drug user since I was 12. Am so sad that I can’t spend some time bonding with him… Continue reading

Could I Have Mastocytosis or MCAS?

Question by Rusty: Could I have Mastocytosis or MCAS?
I have struggled with gastrointestinal problems for years: diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, painful radiating abdominal cramps. I saw a pediatric gastroenterologist when I was an adolescent (I am now 22)… Continue reading

Ky. Lawmakers Need Special Session to Tackle Heroin

Ky. lawmakers need special session to tackle heroin
"It's very discouraging," said Jason Merrick, chairman of People Advocating Recovery of Northern Kentucky, which had advocated for the bill. "We expected a lot more from our elected officials." The Senate… Continue reading

What if You Have a Child With Bipolar What Do You Do to Help Them?

Question by Melissa: what if you have a child with bipolar what do you do to help them?

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Answer by Christian Minister
There is no medical practice to Psychiatry. Its only a belief system with no… Continue reading

Whats a Non Religious Way to Overcome Addiction?

christian drug treatment centers
by dbking

Question by IAmYourDoG: Whats a non religious way to overcome addiction?
I Dont have an addiction. I was doing research on alcaholism, pornography, and drugs. On every single program, especially the 12 step program has religious bias which… Continue reading

Conquering Chronic Depression

Conquering Chronic Depression
It's perfectly normal to feel blue from time to time. For most of us, this mindset is fleeting and passes within a few days. But for the estimated 10 percent of adult Americans who suffer from chronic… Continue reading

Meet Our Team – Chris

Meet Our Team – Chris — The U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network is excited to introduce the next video in our series, Meet Our Team! Get to know programmer and database conversion…

Deep Knowledge Ventures Finances Life-Extension Start-up, Personalized
This… Continue reading

New Option for Advanced Breast Cancer

New Option for Advanced Breast Cancer
“There are not a lot of drugs that work, or work for a long period of time,” Ridgeway said. … Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic are offering patients hyperthermia treatment. … Dr. Yu says… Continue reading

T or F: If You Get Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer…?

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by SS&SS

Question by health_avenger: T or F: If you get non-melanoma skin cancer…?
…(e.g. skin cancer associated with cumulative sun exposure) you may have a greatly reduced risk of breast, colon, prostate and other solid cancers.

http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/extract/334/7607/1295-d… Continue reading

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Michigan

substance abuse treatment centers michigan — substance abuse treatment centers michigan- For Free Help Call 1-313-822-6940 substance abuse treatment centers substance abuse treatment michigan substance …

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals' CEO Discusses LX4211 Positive Results in Type 1
As we are… Continue reading