Where Can I Find Drug Rehabs in Los Angeles, California?

Question by ADAMARIS B: Where can I find drug rehabs in Los Angeles, California?
My dad have been a drug user since I was 12. Am so sad that I can’t spend some time bonding with him because he’s always drugged. I want to help him so that our family will be whole again.

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Answer by anahi i
Don’t worry, you can easily find drug rehabilitation centers in Los Angeles. Aside from rehab centers, you can also find clinics and medical centers. Go to any counseling services in your area so that you will be informed about the treatments available. Good luck! And I hope your family supports your father so that he can recover fast.

Answer by Erica
ny rehab…. or a good and reputable licensed rehab? I would recommend Anaheim Lighthouse. They take insurance and have excellent programs…


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