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Refilling Darvocet Early?

Question by Kiki R: Refilling Darvocet Early?
My doctor wrote me a 30 day prescription for darvocet for my severe fibromyalgia pain. 3 a day basically. I had a particularly bad flare up and had to take 1 and a… Continue reading

First Coast Happenings

First Coast Happenings
Cosmic Concerts, Laser Magic, 7 p.m.; Laser Retro, 8 p.m.; Laser Vinyl, 9 p.m.; Rush, 10 p.m.; Bryan-Gooding Planetarium, Museum of Science & History, 1025 Museum Circle. $ 5 per person per show, laser glasses $ 1.… Continue reading

The Physical and Emotional Affects of Drug Addiction?

Question by runeknight94: The Physical and Emotional Affects of Drug Addiction?
i have to do a report on this and i was wondering before i start on this section of the report if you could give me any… Continue reading

Mercer Could See New Drug Treatment Clinic

Mercer could see new drug treatment clinic
BLUEFIELD — Mercer County officials are working to bring a new long-term resident recovery center for substance abuse to Bluefield. A funding application was submitted Thursday for a new drug treatment clinic in… Continue reading

Why Does Speed Withdrawal Give You Nightmares?

Question by Too-Da-Loo!: Why does speed withdrawal give you nightmares?
And how do you beat speed addiction?

Best answer:

Answer by Creepy McSteezerson
I haven’t done it, but my man has. The nightmares do not happen to everyone.… Continue reading

California Inpatient Treatment for Mental Health/addiction???

Question by Dan P: California Inpatient treatment for mental health/addiction???
I am looking for suggestions of facilities in California that can provide treatment and therapy for adhd, depression, anxiety, as well as evaluate chemical dependance. Most importantly… Continue reading

Little League's Big Corruption

Little League's Big Corruption
It's an act of love." And Bush has been a vocal supporter of education standards that specify what math and reading skills students should achieve in each grade. Which of course has set off the dog… Continue reading

Drug Addicted Family Member?

Question by Blundt Cake: Drug addicted family member?
How do you help someone who refuses to help themselves, even when they are in/out of jail, homeless, jobless, in denial, and don’t think they have a problem???? What do you do?… Continue reading

Does Anybody Have Any Feedback on Recovery Ventures (Black Mountain) in NC?

Question by Unique: Does anybody have any feedback on Recovery Ventures (Black Mountain) in NC?
Just wondering if this is a good place to go for drug addiction/abuse.

Best answer:

Answer by Michael Baugh
You do the drugs because your… Continue reading

What Is the Treatment to Demerol Drug Addiction?

Question by becky: What is the treatment to Demerol drug addiction?
My roommate Kit is addicted to a drug called Demerol. I think it’s a pain killer that she uses to maximize the effects brought by other sedatives.… Continue reading