Tucson AZ, Looking for Drug Rehab?

Question by Still in Doubt: Tucson AZ, Looking for drug rehab?
Looking for a rehab facility that actually helps and takes state insurance.

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Answer by Cory Donaldson
rehab is for quitters

Answer by ReggieR
Good for you going into a Treatment Center. I was a treatmemt counselor for over 25yrs in MO. The fastest way to find a treatment center that meets your requirements is to call the United Way Office in your area. Ask them to look up a treatment center in their referal book. Another way to find a treatment center is to go to the White Pages and look up Mental Health Facilities Arizona. Call the main number for Mental Health Facilty Deptartment of the Director. You should be able to speak to the director and let that person know that you receive State Funded Insurance and then a brief Ruit is vista to have n down on drug usage. There is nothing wrong with being very specific in what you are looking for exactly. I don’t know if you have been in treatment previously, but treatment is stressful at its best, so having things that you like about a treatment center will help ensure the likelihood that you will stay and complete the program and if it is close to your home it is likely that family and friends will come to family meetings in order to support you.
If you should have any other questions about treatment, please look up my IM or email address and feel free to contact me at either address. I would be happy to answer any type question you might have on recovery or treatment in general. God Bless Reggie

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