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NCAA Poised to Reduce Punishment for Marijuana Use

NCAA Poised to Reduce Punishment for Marijuana Use
The legislative council of the NCAA said that drugs like marijuana should not be placed in the same category as steroids: "Street drugs are not performance-enhancing in nature, and this change will… Continue reading

What Is Victoria Secrets Workout and Diet?

Question by Tia B: What is Victoria Secrets workout and diet?
I was watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2009, and had seen they do excersises and have certain diets. Could anyone elebarate?

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Are There Any Books About Understanding Drug Addiction?

Question by jesse: Are there any books about understanding drug addiction?
I’m currently in early recovery from drug addiction but my parents don’t quite understand addiction and i don’t know how to explain it to them. Does anyone… Continue reading

David Lawrence Center Crossroads Substance Abuse Treatment Program Fights Addiction With Art


David Lawrence Center Crossroads substance abuse treatment program fights addiction with art – WINK News interviews Collier County’s only comprehensive, not-for-profit mental health and substance abuse treatment facility serving children, adults and fa…


Harvard teaches women correct way… Continue reading

Recovery Centers in Kentucky


Recovery Centers in Kentucky


'Evicting the devil' nightly at the tent revival in Fairview

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At one recent service, an offering bucket contains dollar bills, cigarettes, knives, prescription drugs and street drugs.… Continue reading

Where Do I Find Out About How to Open a Drug Rehabilitation Center in NYC?

Question by shawnshawn: Where do i find out about how to open a drug rehabilitation center in NYC?
Is it government funded or not… anything anyone can give me would help… Thank you.

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Answer by picassogone
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Houston Suboxone Doctors Pain Killer Drug Addiction Treatment Clinic


Houston Suboxone Doctors Pain killer Drug Addiction Treatment Clinic – Houston Suboxone Doctors Rehab Clinic for Treatment of Drug and Pain Killer Addictions. Detox, Craving and Withdrawal Preve…


Questions That Must Be Answered For The Success Of… Continue reading

WAKE UP! Campaign Against Teen Prescription Drug Abuse


WAKE UP! Campaign Against Teen Prescription Drug Abuse – Illegal street drugs get a lot of attention, but over the past ten years, abuse of prescription drugs has become a growing problem, especially among teenager…


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Has Anyone Heard of Protracted Withdrawals From Street Drugs and Anti-Depressants?

Question by Jonny M123: has anyone heard of Protracted Withdrawals from street drugs and anti-depressants?
I was wondering if anyone had any information personal,studies, or anecdotal about protracted withdrawals from street drugs and anti-depressants. What I mean is the… Continue reading

Are There Medications That Can Reduce or Shut Down the Reward Centre of the Brain?

Question by : Are there medications that can reduce or shut down the reward centre of the brain?
I know that drug addiction is centred in the pleasure centre of the brain and I am wondering if there is any… Continue reading