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What Is the Treatment to Demerol Drug Addiction?

Question by becky: What is the treatment to Demerol drug addiction?
My roommate Kit is addicted to a drug called Demerol. I think it’s a pain killer that she uses to maximize the effects brought by other sedatives.… Continue reading

Prescription Drugs?

drug treatment centers in massachusetts
by Esthr

Question by flin_toba: Prescription Drugs?
I am wondering if there is anything out there that would help me. I cant sleep at night, I cant wake up in the morning, I dont have any energy throughtout the day,… Continue reading

What Help Is Available Within England for Heroin Addiction?

Question by Maverick: What help is available within England for Heroin Addiction?
A family member of mine has a Heroin addiction. I have no idea how I can go about helping them, but having already lost… Continue reading

Natural Remedies for Brain Damage After Drug Abuse?

Question by Liza Shevchuk: Natural Remedies For Brain Damage After Drug Abuse?
My older brother has done many drugs from about 16-21. Its been a year since his last use, and he’s been having some serious problems. He… Continue reading

Question About Wellbutrin?

Question by ann_non_a_miss: Question about Wellbutrin?
I was taking Wellbutrin for a little over a week and I did not notice it working. I was becoming increasingly more depressed to the point I was thinking about suicide. Today I was… Continue reading

New Program in Ontario County Schools Fights Substance Abuse

New program in Ontario County schools fights substance abuse
Diane Johnston, the Ontario County director of community services, said they had been providing substance-abuse prevention services to only three school districts in the county (Geneva, Midlakes and Red Jacket). She… Continue reading

Side Effects of the H1N1 Vaccine / Vaccination?

Question by ZZZ: Side effects of the H1N1 vaccine / vaccination?
I was thinking of getting my 5 year old daughter the H1N1 vaccination (the next time there is one) and I had… Continue reading

Why Do a Lot of Schizophrenics Like to Smoke Cigarettes and Drink Coffee?

Question by ? Plea for Peace!: why do a lot of schizophrenics like to smoke cigarettes and drink coffee?
i’ve read that something like 90% of schizophrenics smoke cigarettes, and i’ve also heard that a large percentage drink a lot… Continue reading


I have a very dear friend/family member. She has recently told me she has stage 4 lupus. I’ve done my research and from what she has told me… Continue reading

How Do I Find Out if I Have Cognitive Dysfunction or Brain Fog?

Question by Chris the 4th: How do I find out if I have Cognitive dysfunction or brain fog?
I use to be sharp and smart. I graduated early when i was 16 by getting much more credits. Anyway the last… Continue reading