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How Many People Have Drug Addicts in Their Families That Just Can’t Stop Using Drugs?

Question by alexus: how many people have drug addicts in their families that just can’t stop using drugs?
It seems to me that there are a lot of addicts that try so hard to stay clean but… Continue reading

URGENT. Alcoholism Treatment Programs?

Question by Caroline: URGENT. Alcoholism Treatment Programs?
My dad has a really serious problem. He’s always liked a drink but it was never serious until three or four years ago when he began to drink heavily. In… Continue reading

After Hitting Rock Bottom, NJ Drug Users Must Wait for Treatment

After hitting rock bottom, NJ drug users must wait for treatment
A few weeks later, Eric was moved off the waitlist at a local treatment facility in Ocean County, N.J. However he'd had been trying to stop using drugs on… Continue reading

I Would Like to Find Drug Rehabs in Lampasas, Texas. Can Anybody Please Give Me Suggestions as to How?

Question by clare 3xr: I would like to find drug rehabs in Lampasas, Texas. Can anybody please give me suggestions as to how?
I’m doing a research regarding various drug addictions and I would like to get information from… Continue reading

Alcohol Treatment Centers in Gloucester Township NJ | Call 800-303-2938 for Details


Alcohol Treatment Centers in Gloucester Township NJ | Call 800-839-1682 For Details – Alcohol Treatment Centers in Gloucester Township NJ – Call 800-839-1682 For Details Addicted to Alcohol? Be part of our Alcohol Treatment Centers in Gloucest…


Upcoming… Continue reading

My Spouse Has Been Arrested, I Am Looking for Similar Stories to See How Others Dealt With the Stress?

Question by Patrick: My spouse has been arrested, I am looking for similar stories to see how others dealt with the stress?
My spouse was recently arrested for Grand Larceny in the 4th degree. Something was stolen at her… Continue reading

How Can I Find Drug Rehabs in Alice, Texas?

Question by anna f: How can I find drug rehabs in Alice, Texas?
I would like to find one that charges lower than other drug rehabs do. We’re really low on cash at the moment, and I just can’t… Continue reading

What Rock Bottom Looks Like – David Carr


What Rock Bottom Looks Like – David Carr – Complete video at: Warning: This excerpt contains graphic descriptions of drug abuse. New York Times columnist and recovering addict David Carr reads a haunting excerpt from his memoir. Carr… Continue reading