rob ford – HUMOR-in-TREATMENT-With-Mark-Lundholm-13904-Getting-Here – HUMOR-IN-TREATMENT-with-Mark-Lundholm-13904-Getting-Here — What’s funny about a DVD on addiction recovery? Everything! In what could be the most uplifting 90 minutes ever spent in drug and alcohol rehab, HUMOR IN TRE…

A Few Thoughts on 'Nurse Jackie' Using Drugs… Continue reading

Mayor Rob Ford's Absence Main Event Behind-the-Scenes at Council

Mayor Rob Ford's absence main event behind-the-scenes at council
Earlier at city hall, the mayor's brother said Ford is doing well in a rehab program, but he would not say where his brother was being treated. “Due to confidentiality to… Continue reading

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Missing a Week After Trip to Rehab

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford missing a week after trip to rehab
… Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's whereabouts were unknown a week after he left the city for rehab. Toronto's drug-addled mayor has apparently gone missing on his way to rehab,… Continue reading

Health Canada to Post Drug Safety Reviews Online

Health Canada to post drug safety reviews online
OTTAWA — Drug safety reviews will now be posted on Health Canada's website as part of a government initiative to help Canadians better inform themselves of potential adverse reactions. Health Minister Rona… Continue reading

Sudbury Man Has Violent History: Crown

Sudbury man has violent history: Crown
“It is the extent of the violence, the excessive use of force … that causes the Crown to be concerned and suggest it is open to you to see a pattern of repetitive behaviour:… Continue reading

Rob Ford 'upset' After Jimmy Kimmel Live 'set-up' Where He Was Grilled About

Rob Ford 'upset' after Jimmy Kimmel Live 'set-up' where he was grilled about
Crack smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is reportedly reeling after his Monday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in which the host grilled him about his… Continue reading

Is There an Addiction Treatment That Uses the Outdoors as a Form of Therapy?

Question by Tom T: Is there an addiction treatment that uses the outdoors as a form of therapy?
I am interested in experiential education, and I am currently finishing up my BA in Social Work here in Toronto and I… Continue reading