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Why Do You Think the Age Group of Drug User’s Are Getting Younger and Younger??

Question by redbone_lds: Why do you think the age group of drug user’s are getting younger and younger??
I live in Minneapolis, MN and I see young cats like ages 16 and 17 using Crack and Cocaine.

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Does It Make More Sense to Put CHEMICALLY ADDICTED People in PRISON for POSSESSION or in REHAB?

Question by Bush is not conservative: Does it make more sense to put CHEMICALLY ADDICTED people in PRISON for POSSESSION or in REHAB?
Addiction is an illness. Narcotics abuse is an illness. Logically, the purchasing, possession and abuse of… Continue reading

Reporting School Drug Use?

Question by : Reporting school drug use?
In eighth grade, I have already met plenty of people who smoke marijuana. This really bugs me because, I would love to go to a school where drugs are not a problem. If… Continue reading