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Rutgers Responds to NJ Heroin Problem

Rutgers responds to NJ heroin problem
The deaths from heroin use in New Jersey have spiked up from 700 in 2011 to 800 in 2013. Posted: Monday, April 14, 2014 12:00 am. Rutgers responds to … Despite being admitted to… Continue reading

Fugitive Surrenders After FBI Puts Face on Signs

Fugitive surrenders after FBI puts face on signs
BUFFALO, N.Y. — A fugitive drug suspect has turned himself in days after the FBI put his name and picture on billboards in the Buffalo area. Brian Boetig, special agent in charge… Continue reading

Budget Boosts Funds for NJ Drug Courts

Budget boosts funds for NJ drug courts
The $ 4.5 million would go to drug courts in Atlantic, Cape May, Passaic and Mercer counties. It's expected … “If you're really going to talk about the shift from addiction to treatment,… Continue reading

Alcohol Treatment San Francisco CA

Alcohol Treatment San Francisco CA — http://alcoholtreatmentsanfranciscoca.com- Our after- care services, help the patient deal with this daily contact with triggers without succumbing to cravin…

Family helped by San Francisco cops loses custody of kids
SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — On… Continue reading

OMG: SC Drug Rehab Tampa Man Receives HOMELESS Miracle!

OMG: SC Drug rehab Tampa man receives HOMELESS Miracle! — http://www.owlsnestrecovery.com Owl’s Nest Men’s Director Mr. Heath White Television Interview Atlanta Rehab, Atlanta Drug Rehab, Tampa Rehab, Tampa Drug Reh…

Homeless family helped by San Francisco police officers loses custody… Continue reading

Reused Pacemakers May Aid Heart Care in Developing World


Reused Pacemakers May Aid Heart Care in Developing World – This is the VOA Special English Health Report, from http://voaspecialenglish.com | http://facebook.com/voalearningenglish A pacemaker is a small device that …


Costs for Hepatitis C Treatment Skyrocket

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Training Review: Health Rhythms


Training Review: Health Rhythms – http://www.rhythmforgood.com/2012/02/training-review-health-rhythms/


A Home Is Not a Reward

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It goes something like this: A person goes to an emergency shelter, has to join a rehab program,… Continue reading

Podcast 12: Quality Improvement Strategies and Evaluation for Addiction Treatment Programs


Podcast 12: Quality Improvement Strategies and Evaluation for Addiction Treatment Programs – Podcast 12, Quality Improvement Strategies and Evaluation for Addiction Treatment Programs, highlights the differences between effectiveness, performance and…


Advice on Addiction in Boomers, Part 1

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How Prevalent Is Drug Abuse Amongst Police Officers?

Question by Yeshua is the Way: How prevalent is drug abuse amongst police officers?
I hear about police officers with depression and drug problems (besides the obvious- alcohol).
So how many cops (percentage) are drug abusers and what seems… Continue reading

RHD’s Work in Progress Program


RHD’s Work in Progress program – This is a small piece of a documentary titled: “…and I am in Recovery”. To view the whole documentary please visit www.chochkeyproductions.com Chochkey Pro…


Google enters crowded donation platform market

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