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Alcohol Rehab Experience…?

Question by sweetabex: Alcohol Rehab experience…?
Good or bad, I’d like to know any experience.

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Answer by Question The System
It is just a bunch of people whining and making excuses about why they drink too… Continue reading

What Is an an Addict? How Are Drug Dealers Bad?

Question by Vanessa: What is an an addict? How are drug dealers bad?
I need a brief description of what a drug addict is, or just an addict in general. I’m trying to say.. something about how they… Continue reading

Drug and Addictions Therapist?

Question by tangerine: drug and addictions therapist?
I am considering going into a career as a drug and addictions therapist. What kind of schooling/degrees is required?

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Answer by Bella Boo
this doesn’t answer your… Continue reading

10 Day Drug Detox — How Can a Detox Program Change Your Life

10 Day Drug Detox — How Can A Detox Program Change Your Life — http://awaremed.com/addictionrecovery/10-days-safe-drug-detox-can-detox-program-change-life/ How To Choose A Clinic For Your 10 Days Safe Drug Detox Program?…

The dark side of aggressive blood pressure treatment
I was hospitalized and… Continue reading

INSynergy Solutions for Heroin & Opiate Addiction | Call (314) 649-7867 (STOP)

INSynergy Solutions for Heroin & Opiate Addiction | Call (314) 649-7867 (STOP) — CALL (314) 649-7867 / (314) 649-STOP INSynergy is the Premier Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Center in St. Louis, MO. We provide an alternative approach to…

Gathering… Continue reading

Opiate Addiction Help?

Question by Tyler: Opiate Addiction Help?
So ive been doing low dose opiates on and off for about a year. I started ever since I was out for 4 months from hockey with a labral shoulder tear, damn the pharmaceutical… Continue reading

Is the Detox Process at Harbour Village Florida Really Useful ?

Question by Damian: Is the Detox Process at Harbour village florida really useful ?

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Answer by Brad Heyden
A safe, effective way for an addict to recover is to check in to a detox center like Harbor Village… Continue reading

Prison System Won't Help Drug Addicts

Prison system won't help drug addicts
I have been a lifelong resident of Meigs County and have always been a productive member. I was recently released from prison for a charge of drug trafficking. I look around our county and… Continue reading

METHADONE CLINICS! They Are Popping Up All Over the US! They Are Ruining Young People Everywhere! Agree?

Question by Big Lance!: METHADONE CLINICS! they are popping up all over the US! they are ruining young people everywhere! Agree?
or do you disagree and why? i have seen 3 methadone clinics in the greater cincinnati ohio area pop… Continue reading

Recovery From Drug Addiction – Anthony’s Story – Addiction Treatment – Ambrosia Treatment Center

Recovery from Drug Addiction – Anthony’s Story – Addiction Treatment – Ambrosia Treatment Center — Visit Ambrosia Treatment Center website for further information. http://ambrosiatreatmentcenter.com or call 866-577-6868 Anthony talks about his addiction an…

Baton Rouge Drug Rehab for Alcohol &… Continue reading