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I Need to Find a Drug Rehab for My Sister Who Is in Albany, Oregon. Help, Please.?

Question by adriana p: I need to find a drug rehab for my sister who is in Albany, Oregon. Help, please.?
She’s gotten addicted to drugs, and from what I hear from our common friends there, it’s gotten way out… Continue reading

My Husband and I Have a Drug and Alcohol Problem.?

Question by Mary From Wyoming: My husband and I have a drug and alcohol problem.?
HIS problem is that he abuses drugs and is an alcoholic.
MY problem is that my husband is a dunk and a… Continue reading

How Can I Stop My Family From Abusing Me?

Question by Terese: How can I stop my family from abusing me?
I’m over 50 years old. My brothers are younger than me. My sister is a year older than me. They’re interfering with my life. They’re trying to… Continue reading

Minnesota Alternatives


Minnesota Alternatives – Miinnesota Alternatives provides a new approach to adult outpatient Substance abuse treatment and consulting services focusing on engagement and personalized intervention.


From the Bench: Role of juvenile court

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Counseling, substance… Continue reading