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Detoxification Centers in Erie PA | Drug Rehab Center Erie | Detoxification Centers in Erie PA

Detoxification Centers in Erie PA | Drug Rehab Center Erie | Detoxification Centers in Erie PA — http://www.parehab.net/detox-erie-pa/ Addiction Treatment Recovery Center Erie, taught addict about the disease of drug and alcohol dependency and how to mai…

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How Many People Are Dead of Bulimia a Year?

Question by brandisparks_carter: how many people are dead of bulimia a year?
How many people is dead the usa a year of bulimia

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Answer by NurseAnnie
10% of individuals suffering from bulimia will die from starvation, cardiac arrest,… Continue reading

Need a Cheap Rehab for Heroin Addiction in London Uk?

Question by Blanket: need a cheap rehab for heroin addiction in london uk?
my boyfriend has struggled with heroin addictions, come off and gone back on it. its now worse than ever and i think if he doesnt… Continue reading

HOPE Laws to Help Fight Drug Addiction, Crime, Deaths

HOPE laws to help fight drug addiction, crime, deaths
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What Help Is Available Within England for Heroin Addiction?

Question by Maverick: What help is available within England for Heroin Addiction?
A family member of mine has a Heroin addiction. I have no idea how I can go about helping them, but having already lost… Continue reading

I Need Help…. How? ?

Question by Lindsay: I need help…. how? ?
I have an eating disorder. I have struggled mostly with Bulimia for six years. I just started taking Ipecac because I can not through up anymore. I feel like I am going… Continue reading

Bipolar Son Addicted to Drugs?

Question by larkspur: bipolar son addicted to drugs?
I have an 18 yr old son..he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder ,he refuses to take his meds.he has stolen from us to get what he needs and lies… Continue reading

Luca – Help With Drug Addiction – the Fountainhead Method – September 2013

Luca – Help with Drug Addiction – The Fountainhead Method – September 2013 — Luca attended our Holistic Health program ‘Palladium Private’ which specialises in the treatment of stress related health conditions i.e depression, anxiety …

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Drug Addiction Help Hotline (888) 978-4179

Drug Addiction Help Hotline (888) 978-4179 — Drug Addiction Help Hotline – Looking for Drug Addiction Help Hotline? Call (888) 978-4179 for Drug Addiction Help Hotline. Available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a …

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Why Do People Become Drug Addicts?

Question by French Fashionista: why do people become drug addicts?

kim not ugly =[

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Answer by Brittany
because of the way certain chemicals in drugs react with chemicals in your brain.

Answer by Rick Smith
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