genetic predisposition

Hi, I’m Working on a Book but I Need Some Questions Answered About Drugs?

Question by This Is Chriss: Hi, I’m working on a book but I need some questions answered about drugs?
In my book one character, John, is abusive and a drug abuser. In one chapter he has a bad hallucination… Continue reading

How Difficult Is It to Quit Drug and Cure Drug Addiction Problem?

Question by Lily_1981: How difficult is it to quit drug and cure drug addiction problem?
My brother had drug problem for at least 10+ years. He used the heavy stuff like cocaine and other stuff I don’t even know… Continue reading

Do the Signs of Being Sexually Abused as a Baby Show Up Later in Life?

Question by Libby: Do the signs of being sexually abused as a baby show up later in life?
What I mean by this is….if you were sexually abused as a baby would you show emotional signs of abuse when… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Center


Drug Rehab Center – Hope By The Sea is a residential drug and alcohol treatment program located in the heart of southern California. We are a drug treatment center specializing in addiction treatment. Call Today 866 930 4673

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Substance Abuse?

Question by sendzik04: substance abuse?
Can someone please tell me why substance abuse happens

Best answer:

Answer by Pookeygirl
There are many factors contributing to substance abuse. Genetic predisposition is one. If your parents were addicts, you are at… Continue reading