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Maca vs Muira Puama Wich Is Better?

Question by full m: maca vs muira puama wich is better?
hi im taking a pill paxol that is really hurting my sex drive and is hurting my relationship with my gf. i have been looking up and ask a… Continue reading

Residential Psychiatric Treatment for Young Adults in New England?

Question by CQ: Residential psychiatric treatment for young adults in New England?
Treatment needed for an 18 year old suicidal girl with PTSD, anorexia/bulimia, drug and alcohol abuse, self-harm, depression, severe anxiety, and possibly borderline personality disorder.
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Dr. Grinstead Urges You to Support the Florida’s FFPCA’s Fight Against the War on Pain Patients


Dr. Grinstead Urges You To Support the Florida’s FFPCA’s Fight Against The War On Pain Patients – — Today Dr. Grinstead is reaching out to you to help make a difference in a tangible way in fighting the… Continue reading

The Effects of Drug Abuse During Pregnancy


The Effects of Drug Abuse During Pregnancy – View the infographic as a flat image here: Did you know that over 176200 babie…


Ocean County Lawmakers Seek Tougher Penalties to Fight Heroin and

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Teen Drug Use and Trouble With Police?

Question by chuck: teen drug use and trouble with police?
what kinds of things happen when a teenager gets arrested for a marijuana offense in minnesota

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Answer by carl
i reckon about 5 hours in the gallows… Continue reading