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Why Do I Have High Cholestorol and How to Lower It?

Question by Nolan: Why do i have high cholestorol and how to lower it?
I’m 16 years old and a type 1 diabetic. I’m in good shape and at the proper weight. I exercise daily, run track, and play basketball… Continue reading

Treatment Centers in MN 888) 978 4179


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Angels among us: How Charlottesville is becoming a hot spot for start-ups

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“I love it here,”… Continue reading

Teen Alcohol Abuse – Step Out of Apathy


Teen Alcohol Abuse – Step Out of Apathy – Created for a project called “Step Out of Apathy”, this short documentary displays the effects of alcohol abuse through statistics, testimony, and recreation…


FDA reveals one-quarter of drug abusers… Continue reading

How Will I Find Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Kennebunkport, Maine?

Question by bridgette xsh: How will I find substance abuse treatment centers in Kennebunkport, Maine?
I want to know more about prescription drug addiction, specially those that involve sleeping pills. For this, I want to interview some people with… Continue reading

How Will I Be Able to Find Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Cleveland, Georgia?

Question by ayah a: How will I be able to find substance abuse treatment programs in Cleveland, Georgia?
I’m doing this for a special project in school. As part of my report, I wanted to be able to include… Continue reading