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How Do I Become an Addiction Counselor?

Question by Big man: how do I become an addiction counselor?
I am interested in becoming an addiction counselor in Ontario Canada. I have no experience, besides having drug problems (attented 3 week rehab program 2 years ago).… Continue reading

Editorial: NJ Drug Addiction Study Underscores Deadly Problem Facing State

Editorial: NJ drug addiction study underscores deadly problem facing state
Starting with the first sentence of its report on a two-year study of New Jersey's drug problems, the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse doesn't mince words. “The skyrocketing… Continue reading

” a Good ” Drug Rehab. and NO Insurance?

drug rehabs no insurance
by SS&SS

Question by ***35***: ” a good ” drug rehab. and NO insurance?
OK, i know someone very hooked on Oxy. not just pill taking, but crushing and snorting and from what i read, outpatient will most likely not… Continue reading

Jim Irsay Checks Into Drug Rehab Treatment Center

Jim Irsay checks into drug rehab treatment center
Irsay was arrested Monday and charged and is now free on bail. He has a March 26 court date. Irsay went to rehab in 2002 and has a history of drug problems.… Continue reading

Do You Consider Cannabis to Be a Safe Drug?

Question by The Educated Atheist: Do you consider cannabis to be a safe drug?
I’m just looking for peoples personal opinions. I do not take drugs myself, its for an exam. I just wondered if you think its safe and… Continue reading

Jail vs Rehab for Drug Problems

Jail vs rehab for drug problems — People with drug or alcohol addiction problems are being sent to prison for non-violent crimes rather than rehabilitation centers where their problems would …

Consider Foley facility for treating heroin addicts
It costs… Continue reading

ABOUT DRUG ADDICTION in INDIA Please Read the Details Below?

Question by Aakash C: ABOUT DRUG ADDICTION IN INDIA please read the details below?
In Poor communities, ignorance and uneducation is too much, they fall into trap of drugs and they dont EVEN KNOW WHICH DRUG THEY ARE USING, there… Continue reading

Promoting Awareness of Motivational Incentives PAMI


Promoting Awareness of Motivational Incentives PAMI – Presenters: Holly Hagle, PhD, is Director of the Northeast ATTC at the Institute for Research, Education and Training in Addictions (IRETA) in Pittsburgh. Sh…


Important all along

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Pat’s Story Pt. 2 – Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery


Pat’s Story Pt. 2 – Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery – Watch the final video of Pat’s story and how he has found sobriety from addiction through recovery. Access recovery resources at http://www.addiction2recover…


PRISONERS OF PROFIT: Private Prison… Continue reading

The Effects of Drug Abuse


The Effects of Drug Abuse – Copyright very intended.


Experts advise Legislature on synthetic drug problems

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Minnesota legislators continued ongoing discussions about synthetic drug use in the state at a meeting Wednesday,… Continue reading