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I’ve Been Searching for a Drug Rehabilitation Center in Douglaston, New York, Can You Help Me?

Question by cheyanne lw: I’ve been searching for a drug rehabilitation center in Douglaston, New York, can you help me?
My classmates and I are planning to put up a school club against drug addiction here in New York.… Continue reading

What Activities or Sessions Are Included in Drug Interventions?

Question by smart alec: What activities or sessions are included in drug interventions?
After three years of heroin addiction, I finally raised the white flag. I give up. I had a long heart-to-heart talk with my mother and we… Continue reading

What Is the Role of a Drug Intervention Specialist?

Question by ashtyn s: What is the role of a drug intervention specialist?
Why are drug interventions done when the person can just undergo addiction treatment?

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Answer by darla n
The role of a drug intervention specialist… Continue reading