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Drug Addictions…..?

Question by icesk8erchic101: drug addictions…..?
Name two reasons why the method of drug delivery is an improtant factor in addiction?

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Answer by unicorn322
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What Are the Negative Consequences of Drug Use and Abuse?

Question by jjthenerd: What are the negative consequences of drug use and abuse?
I also need the contacts to various support groups and community services that can help with quitting addiction, for example Kids Help Line (the contacts of… Continue reading

Prescription Drug Abuse- Action Step


Prescription Drug Abuse- Action Step – This is an informative video on a subject that’s near and dear to my heart. My family owns a pharmacy, and we have been stolen from numerous times (even by other family members).… Continue reading

17 Year Old Brother Ran Away and Is Living in Tent, Strung Out on Drugs.?

Question by : 17 year old brother ran away and is living in tent, strung out on drugs.?
My little brother ran away from my parents home in Texas because he got in trouble there. He came to my house… Continue reading