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Is Brain Damage Possible to Suffer From After an Accident?

Question by Savannah: Is brain damage possible to suffer from after an accident?
I was in a car accident recently, and have been suffering whiplash for a few days. My doctor says that whiplash is normal, and that I’ll be… Continue reading

Get Ahead of the Heroin Epidemic Now

Get ahead of the heroin epidemic now
This week, former mayor and current Councilman Jack Ford, who began his career in public service running a drug counseling and treatment program, held a news conference attended by four other members of… Continue reading

Does Anyone Know of a Website That I Can Chat With a Professional About Drug Abuse?

Question by queenrobinanne: does anyone know of a website that i can chat with a professional about drug abuse?
im trying to find some help for my husband. i need some info about how i can get… Continue reading

Our War Veterans Need Our Support.mov


Our War Veterans Need Our Support.mov – The Couch Live with the street certified dope doctor Lui Delgado, CAP (Certified Addictions Professional), co-host Denise McLean Solis (Certified Life Coach)…


Veterans courts offer justice and mercy

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Outpatient Drug Counseling Is the Answer for You | Rehab After Work | Glen Mills, PA (610) 545-6065


Outpatient Drug Counseling is the answer for you | Rehab After Work | Glen Mills, PA (610) 545-6065 – Our program can work with your busy schedule. http://rehabafterwork.com/index.html Rehab After Work provides individualized treatment programs so that those …… Continue reading

Outpatient Drug Treatment | Rehab After Work | Phoenixville, PA (610) 482-6049


Outpatient Drug Treatment | Rehab After Work | Phoenixville, PA (610) 482-6049 – Take control of your life through outpatient drug treatment programs. http://rehabafterwork.com/index.html Rehab After Work offers various outpatient recover…


Drug Court professionals gather in Charleston

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I Need to Find Drug Rehabs in Lewiston, Maine. How Will I Do This?

Question by annalisa la: I need to find drug rehabs in Lewiston, Maine. How will I do this?
I have to do this for my brother, who is currently suffering from heroin addiction. Our parents are both away, and… Continue reading

Detox With Christian Drug Rehabilitation – 1-855-885-8651


detox with christian drug rehabilitation – 1-855-885-8651 – Christian drug rehabilitation centers offer many things, and these facilities can help you eliminate your substance abuse problem. http://www.valiantrecovery…


Indian Police Find Huge Heroin Haul In Punjab, A State In… Continue reading

In ‘Sober Houses,’ Heroin Addicts Learn to Help Themselves


In ‘Sober Houses,’ Heroin Addicts Learn to Help Themselves – This is the VOA Special English Health Report, from voaspecialenglish.com | http Tourists come to Zanzibar for its white sand beaches and historic buildings in Stone Town. But something… Continue reading

What Would Be the Verdict for Possession of Two Oxycodones?

Question by : what would be the verdict for possession of two oxycodones?
i live in NJ and I’m just curious about the outcome; anyone know what will be the outcome if its my first offense??
Now is there anyway… Continue reading