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Question by Helper: Addiction?
is it possible to become addicted to masturbation?
if so, is there are method to stop?

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Answer by Jbarg9344
most men do get “addicted” to masturbation becuase it feels good and once you start… Continue reading

How Do I Become an Addiction Counselor?

Question by Big man: how do I become an addiction counselor?
I am interested in becoming an addiction counselor in Ontario Canada. I have no experience, besides having drug problems (attented 3 week rehab program 2 years ago).… Continue reading

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Medicaid rates pinch treatment centers… Continue reading

Paroled 'Sopranos' Actor Discusses Drug Addiction

Paroled 'Sopranos' actor discusses drug addiction
After spending eight years in prison, former "Sopranos" actor Lillo Brancato Jr. says he's trying to help young people avoid making similar, drug-fueled mistakes. "Here I am, I get the opportunity, I get the… Continue reading

Does This Sound Like a Drug Addict to You?

Question by : Does this sound like a drug addict to you?
lets say someone has done this following drugs without a prescription, in order over a 4 month period of time

– weed
– benydryl
– adderall
– seroquel… Continue reading

Refilling Darvocet Early?

Question by Kiki R: Refilling Darvocet Early?
My doctor wrote me a 30 day prescription for darvocet for my severe fibromyalgia pain. 3 a day basically. I had a particularly bad flare up and had to take 1 and a… Continue reading

Photographer Lee Jeffries Uncovers Haunting Human Face of Drug Addiction

Photographer Lee Jeffries uncovers haunting human face of drug addiction
Their expressions captured by UK-based artist and photographer Lee Jeffries, who strives to reveal the human face of addiction, the reality of homelessness and the real face of poverty… Continue reading

Drug Take-Back Event Set for Saturday

Drug take-back event set for Saturday
"I think the past record speaks for itself, we have not made any arrests or initiated any investigations from the drug take back program, no questions are asked,” said Chief Fluck. The program has… Continue reading

Reitox – the European Information Network on Drugs and Drug Addiction

Reitox – the European information network on drugs and drug addiction — One of the core tasks of the EMCDDA is to collect, analyse and disseminate information on drugs and drug addiction in Europe. In order to fulfil the above,… Continue reading

I Need to Find Drug Rehabs in Bedminster, Pennsylvania. How?

Question by alina r: I need to find drug rehabs in Bedminster, Pennsylvania. How?
I feel so sorry for my sister. We weren’t really close back then, but seeing her so consumed and sort of ruined by her drug addiction…… Continue reading