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Give More Help to 'hidden' Gambling Addiction Services, Government Urged

Give more help to 'hidden' gambling addiction services, government urged
Gambling is a 'hidden' addiction, which is set to worsen with the increasing availability of gambling outlets, online, in the High Street, and on TV, and it should be on… Continue reading

Laws Needed to Help Treat Drug Addiction

Laws needed to help treat drug addiction
I grew up in southwest Jefferson County and was fortunate to have the support, love and care of two great parents and four grandparents. We were taught right from wrong and we are… Continue reading

Data on Drug Addiction?

Question by thecheapest902: data on drug addiction?
I would like to have any data on drug addiction in the world, how many percentage of its people are addicted by country.

It’s better if there is any additional information on drug… Continue reading

What Is an an Addict? How Are Drug Dealers Bad?

Question by Vanessa: What is an an addict? How are drug dealers bad?
I need a brief description of what a drug addict is, or just an addict in general. I’m trying to say.. something about how they… Continue reading

Father Finding Peace After Son Died of Drug Overdose

Father finding peace after son died of drug overdose
He is hoping that his son's death will encourage other parents to do more when they see signs of drug abuse in their families. Jeremy Palmer, 20, died in August. His… Continue reading

Prescription Drug Dangers


Prescription Drug Dangers – One out of three drug-related deaths in Haywood County have been due to prescription drugs. In an effort to curb that number, law enforcement held a special …


Among prescription painkillers, drug abusers prefer… Continue reading

What Did Kem Learn About Drugs?


What Did Kem Learn About Drugs? – The Mentor Foundation held a National Drug Facts Day event at the Swedish Embassy with NIDA Director Nora Volkow answering questions from students from nearb…


The facts on marijuana: Smoking and… Continue reading

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Addiction or Substance Abuse?


What are the signs and symptoms of addiction or substance abuse? – In this Twoology video, addiction expert, Kendall Evans, M.F.T., shares 18 signs and symptoms of addiction or substance abuse.Suspicions of addictive behavio…


Article steered parents away… Continue reading

Parent Education: Understanding Teen Addiction Part 1


Parent Education: Understanding Teen Addiction Part 1 – The Progression of Chemical Use from Experimentation to Addiction:an understanding of the differences”drug abusers” enabling denial “drug testing” “Sacrament…


Survey: Teen marijuana use up

Filed under: teen drug abuse

In… Continue reading

How Prevalent Is Drug Abuse Amongst Police Officers?

Question by Yeshua is the Way: How prevalent is drug abuse amongst police officers?
I hear about police officers with depression and drug problems (besides the obvious- alcohol).
So how many cops (percentage) are drug abusers and what seems… Continue reading