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What Are Somethings I Should Look for in a Good Substance Abuse Program?

Question by Tonnie: What are somethings I should look for in a good substance abuse program?
Where can I find resources for parents to be active participate in therapy sessions for drug abuse adult children who has recently been… Continue reading

Parents Tell Stories of Drug Addiction


Parents tell stories of drug addiction – Three parents who lost children to drugs talk about what their children went through before they died.


Marion Municipal Court

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David P. Gibson, 131 W. Center… Continue reading

Addictive Painkiller Hydrocodone (Stronger Than Opiates)


Addictive Painkiller Hydrocodone (Stronger than Opiates) – http://www.insidershealth.com/ Powerful Painkillers Painkillers with Firepower! New Painkillers (not your usual Opiates) Hydrocodone — More Powerful than yo…


Medicare wastes billions on name-brand drugs

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They normally… Continue reading

What Are the Requirements to Start a Suboxone Treatment Program?

Question by C’s ma: What are the requirements to start a suboxone treatment program?
I really am interested in starting a suboxone treatment program. I would really like some more information. My fear is that i will get to… Continue reading



Choices – produced by: Evan Rainey, Alex Skinaway, Josh Hill, Selena Native CHAT Minneapolis 2012


NAMES & FACES for Sunday, May 20, 2012

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The association of health-care compliance professionals is based in Minneapolis.… Continue reading