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Kids See Less Conflict at Home When Dads Quit Drinking

Kids see less conflict at home when dads quit drinking
The study included 67 Massachusetts couples with a male partner seeking treatment for alcoholism and with children between the ages of four and 16. The fathers and their partners filled… Continue reading

Community Services for March 23

Community Services for March 23
JOURNEY THROUGH THE VALLEY grief support group, sponsored by Lawley Premier Hospice Care, meets from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. the first and third Tuesday each month at 101 Church St., Rainbow City. … Celebrate… Continue reading

Why Wasn't Zachary Adams Behind Bars?

Why wasn't Zachary Adams behind bars?
Zachary Rye Adams was charged with at least 53 offenses ranging from traffic tickets, to drug charges, to aggravated domestic assault before the day Holly Bobo was abducted, according to a review of court… Continue reading

Looking for Outpatient Drug Rehab in Kansas City Mo That Accepts Medicaid?

Question by sadface: looking for outpatient drug rehab in kansas city mo that accepts medicaid?

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Answer by sweet_n_sultry_30
this is for the person looking for rehab in kansas city for medicaid benefits. dont know that area but… Continue reading

I Want to Stop Smoking Crack Cocaine. I Dont No How. Dont Know How to Even Start Try. Please Help.?

Question by addicted: i want to stop smoking crack cocaine. I dont no how. dont know how to even start try. please help.?

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Answer by lance
Go to a rehab center, thats probably your… Continue reading

New Program in Ontario County Schools Fights Substance Abuse

New program in Ontario County schools fights substance abuse
Diane Johnston, the Ontario County director of community services, said they had been providing substance-abuse prevention services to only three school districts in the county (Geneva, Midlakes and Red Jacket). She… Continue reading

Effects of Drug Addicted Mothers on Their Children?

Question by Hello Beautiful: Effects of drug addicted mothers on their children?
I’m writing a book involving a drug addicted mother and her eleven, that’s right ELEVEN children. The mother is addicted to cocaine, along with alcohol. But… Continue reading

Do You Think DUI Repeated Offenders Should Got to a Rehab Facility Instead of Taking AA Classes?

Question by daff73: Do you think DUI repeated offenders should got to a rehab facility instead of taking AA classes?
I think someone who gets more than 1 DUI definitely has a problem. If so, I think to be… Continue reading

What Are the Negative Consequences of Drug Use and Abuse?

Question by jjthenerd: What are the negative consequences of drug use and abuse?
I also need the contacts to various support groups and community services that can help with quitting addiction, for example Kids Help Line (the contacts of… Continue reading

Louisiana Substance Abuse Treatment Programs 1-800-303-2938


Louisiana Substance Abuse Treatment Programs 1-800-839-1682 – Living with drug addiction is not fun. To outsiders it seems as though the choice not to use is an easy one, but anyone who has lived with addiction knows th…

 … Continue reading