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Alcohol Abuse Hotline


alcohol abuse hotline – Alcohol Abuse Hotline helps individuals or families find the help that they need. Alcohol Abuse Hotline has a 24 hour drug addiction hotline and an alcohol addiction hotline available for those seeking help. Visit… Continue reading

Why Is It That the More I Learn About Pets (Dogs, Cats, Etc), the More I Love Humans.?

Question by : Why is it that the more I learn about pets (dogs, cats, etc), the more I love humans.?
I’m trying to understand my psychology. I used to have a dog and all he caused was grief. I… Continue reading

Why Is Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner) Sooo Freaking Awesome?

Question by : Why is Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner) sooo freaking awesome?
This guy is doing everything he can to clean up the sport and eliminate consussions.
It’s even made the sport more attractive, because we have more scoring and… Continue reading

Do NFL Fans Have a Stronger Liking for Teams Not in Their Teams Conference?

Question by : Do NFL fans have a stronger liking for teams not in their teams conference?
Example… I’m a Dolphin fan, and I love my Dolphins plus alot of teams in the NFC…
Giants, 49ers, Packers, Lions, Cowboy, etc.… Continue reading

Why Are Yahoo Sports Articles From Chris Chase Sooooo Awesome.?

Question by : Why are yahoo sports articles from Chris Chase sooooo awesome.?
His articles are the best, yet people still criticize him. Could they be jealous? Anyways, back to the question….

Why are yahoo sports articles from Chris Chase… Continue reading