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Perscription Drug Addiction?

Question by Jessica.RIP.CHAD!: perscription drug addiction?
i used to be a meth addict about 4 years ago (i was addicted for 2.5 years). After that i was perscribed Lexapro 20mg once daily, Welbutrin SR 150mg twice daily. Now i take… Continue reading

What Is Suboxone For?

Question by Tyler: what is Suboxone for?
I need to know what the uses for Suboxone are. Are they only used for recovering opiate addicts?

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Answer by Mathieu
According to the official American Suboxone Prescribing Information, “SUBOXONE… Continue reading

Treatment Center Rochester MN | Detox Rochester MN | Treatment Center Rochester MN


Treatment Center Rochester MN | Detox Rochester MN | Treatment Center Rochester MN – Addiction Treatment Rochester, Minnesota offers treatment for people in all stages of dependency, whether they…


Colorado Marijuana Shop Runs Out Of Legal Weed… Continue reading

Someone Help With This Addiction… [PRANK]


Someone help with this addiction… [PRANK] – Like, Comment & Subscribe for more! Jeff still needs help! In the call: Our Personal Channels(Fifa Content) Kieron – htttp:// …


Liberal nonprofit that pressed Shulman to target conservatives houses his… Continue reading

Does Green Tea Help Treat Acne?

Question by ?Emily?: Does Green Tea Help treat acne?
Does Green tea really help reduce acne in conjunction with a good diet? Also, I have extremely oily skin. Is there any way to lessen the oiliness?

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Answer… Continue reading

Should the Government Provide Birth Control to Women?

Question by Jeff: Should the government provide Birth control to women?
I understand that not taking birth control can cause cysts and the such but I dont want to pay. Did anyone pay for my hormone treatments after I… Continue reading

Mogadishu’s Street Children | Drug Addiction in Somalia


Mogadishu’s Street Children | Drug Addiction in Somalia – SUBSCRIBE for Daily High-Definition Videos from Somalia Hosted by – Drug addiction is an uncontrolled, devastating problem for the l…


Almost Addicted: Is My (or My Loved One's)… Continue reading

Taking a Trip to Spain, What’s the Rules on Bringing My Birth Control in My Carry-On? Is That Acceptable?

Question by tara.left: Taking a trip to Spain, what’s the rules on bringing my birth control in my carry-on? Is that acceptable?
I have birth control pills, and I’m going to be going on a plane from Minneapolis to… Continue reading