addiction recovery – HUMOR-in-TREATMENT-With-Mark-Lundholm-13904-Getting-Here – HUMOR-IN-TREATMENT-with-Mark-Lundholm-13904-Getting-Here — What’s funny about a DVD on addiction recovery? Everything! In what could be the most uplifting 90 minutes ever spent in drug and alcohol rehab, HUMOR IN TRE…

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Alcohol Rehab Winston Salem | Drug Rehab Winston Salem | Detoxification Winston Salem

Alcohol Rehab Winston Salem | Drug Rehab Winston Salem | Detoxification Winston Salem — Drug Rehab Center Winston Salem, NC provides a healthy, understanding atmosphere for addicts who wish to star…

Addiction recovery film to have Triad debut
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Meet Our Team – Chris

Meet Our Team – Chris — The U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network is excited to introduce the next video in our series, Meet Our Team! Get to know programmer and database conversion…

Deep Knowledge Ventures Finances Life-Extension Start-up, Personalized
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What Is ADHD in the Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

Question by larry` w: what is ADHD in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse?

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Answer by Meg 19
ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a separate psychiatric condition from a drug and alcohol dependency.… Continue reading

Smartphone App Can Help Alcoholics Stay Sober

Smartphone App Can Help Alcoholics Stay Sober
A new app aims to prevent alcoholics and drug addicts from relapsing, and researchers say it actually helps. The A-CHESS app features audio … to use it even though the study ended. The… Continue reading

Gorilla Born via Rare C-Section at San Diego Zoo Battling Pneumonia

Gorilla Born Via Rare C-Section At San Diego Zoo Battling Pneumonia
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AdCare Outpatient West Springfield, Addiction Recovery, West Springfield, MA

AdCare Outpatient West Springfield, addiction recovery, West Springfield, MA — Helping individuals and their families overcome the…

Camden, Gloucester Top List Of 7 Counties With Highest Drug Abuse Rate
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How to Tell People I Need Help!?

Question by Musical: How to tell people I need help!?
I think I’m messed up.

I’m a 15 year old girl. Last year, I stopped eating because my parents would tell me I’m fat and stuff. And get… Continue reading

Officials: County Addiction Treatment System Making Strides

Officials: County addiction treatment system making strides
When people ask for help kicking an addiction to drugs or alcohol, experts say, one thing you don't want to tell them is, “Come back later.” Until recently, though, that's what some Dane… Continue reading

Leaders Push for Expansion of Overdose-Reversal Drug

Leaders push for expansion of overdose-reversal drug
As suburban communities look to battle the problem of heroin abuse on all fronts, health and law enforcement leaders say they're working to build greater awareness of a drug that can counteract the… Continue reading