Race and the Drug War…?

Question by Cappucino: Race and the drug war…?
The National Institute of Drug Abuse estimated that while 12 percent of drug users are black, they make up nearly 50 percent of all drug possession arrests in the U.S. Please read the article below by clicking the link before answering. *The font is small so you want to copy the whole article and put it on word and make it a larger font to read*

Do you think this is fair? Explain.


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Answer by thegubmint
The stats don’t go deep enough. Most drug arrests are a byproduct of getting stopped for other offenses. The cops stop someone on suspicion for the burglary that just happened down the street, the dude has a couple of rocks on him and, bingo, drug arrest.

Take a look at the crime statistics. Where do most crimes occur? Minority neighborhoods. Where do most cops patrol? Minority neighborhoods. Where do most arrests take place? Minority neighborhoods.

Does it have to be that way? No. But it isn’t up to da man to fix the hood. It’s up to the people who live there. Listen to Bill Cosby. It’s the truth.

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