Do You Ever Really Get Over Drug Abuse?

getting help for drug abuse
by webzer

Question by bret4021: do you ever really get over drug abuse?
i was 13 when i broke my wrist and was prescribed hydrocodon. i didnt get addicted then but i started to like it. in 10th grade i got hooked on hydrocodon and inhalent for about 7 months untill my parents found out and made me sleep in the same room as them and take suprivised showers for a whole month straight then in 11th grade i got back into it with antianxiaty pills (xanex zoloft vallium) but i was also just using whatever i could get my hands on weed speed x meth anything especially diph and dimenhydrate. im 3 months clean now seeing a counsiller and never want to go back to drugs but i still catch myself rolling up dollars and thinking about drugs. and i have nightmares about it almost every night. thats why i dont sleep unless i have to. i never want to go back to what i did and i wish i never did it but, will i ever really heal.

p.s. i dont buy that bs about weed not being a drug

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Answer by Kev
Well I’m currently like…3 days clean.. Dextro, pcp, poprock, I’m really depressed but uhhh you’re doing really good man just keep it up I wish I was as strong as you.

Answer by Princesskae
yes. you will heal. it will take time and a lot of patience but it will happen. a piece of advise from a person who had a sibling with a similar problem. try activities that are challenging like building stuff with family and friends or helping out in the shelter etc. anything that will keep your mind occupied. and to surround yourself with friends and family they will be your saving grace. your wall someone to support you and someone you can lean on. never give up hope.. you will get through this. you will heal.

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